POSH vs. the boring old blades – bus, truck and brick (not steel) wall


This must have been a record breaking 0-0 result – I think it’s our second ever 0-0 in many many games under Ferguson.

Well we looked solid enough and not many strikers will get past our defensive players – Zak, Boss-man, Kosi, Cocky and Rowe (brilliant at battling as ever) all battled harder than ever tonight and stood up well to a physical but decent enough team in Sheffield United (although a couple times the soft northerners rolled over on the floor play acting).

I came to the game tonight thinking “bottom of the league club”, then I thought “sacked manager” then I thought “players keen to impress” then I thought “they’ve just won their first game in last 11″, then I thought “POSH not attacking as well as usual this season” and then I thought “POSH not scored many at home”…then I finally thought “this has got one nil to POSH written all over it”.

I didn’t clearly expect much from the game – and traditionally we have always helped out struggling teams at home. I recall a lowly Walsall team coming here a few seasons ago and thinking “this has got to be a five niller to POSH”…what happened that night? 0-0, and guess what, same thing all over again tonight (and I think that Walsall game was also a mid-week game too). It’s just our way, we really should destroy the wounded teams, instead we mis-place passes and let teams in and give them a sniff and then put ourselves under pressure when really if we genuinely had a go and put teams under intense pressure they make the mistakes and we kill them…

Let’s credit them first, they defended well and mopped up any relatively decent attacks and they seem to have a strong defensive unit. However, we had our best chance in the first half when Taylor (our best player up front and really our only genuine threat all game) played in Danny Swanson on the overlap on a decent counter attack – Swanson then launched his first time shot from a fairly tight angle right at their keepers legs and won a corner instead of putting us one nil up (if only!). That was relatively it – for the whole game!

The verdict
POSH missed Lee Tomlin and Mark Little to add in attacking potential. I like Cocky at right back but we were begging for someone to create something and Fergie did not shy away from chasing the win, throwing on Britt and The NML and really both were marked out of the game and only Tails managed to produce enough class to wriggle free and create space for himself but then by not releasing the ball quick enough or just running too wide (as the blades defence seemed to go on forever). It was a stark night for our strikers as service has been delayed by a lack of through balls. We did once or twice chip the ball over the top quite cleverly but striking shots on target was quite rare and at one point Tails had five Sheffield players all over him – their tactics were very black and white – oh well we’ll eat them at Brammal Lane I am sure of that.

Joint top, joint best defence in the division and really we can cope with this league – it’s up to us to choose to win now and hopefully away at Colchester will be our next win. There is a five niller looming – I hope it’s against orient in just under two weeks time.


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I love football, I love the POSH, I am a season ticket holder for Peterborough United FC
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2 Responses to POSH vs. the boring old blades – bus, truck and brick (not steel) wall

  1. Danny Boy says:

    Sorry I missed the game. Couldn’t even listen to it in the radio from an unusually hot Spain (hottest October on record).

    Good summary of the game & a real shame we couldn’t beat United. It would have been a real call out to Orient that we mean business. But let’s do that on the 2nd November. But first we need to go away to Colchester and get Britt back on the score sheet. :o)

    • theposhfan says:

      Yep we should focus on one game at a time. Britt is fatigued and needs a rest, Tomlin is back in the squad for Colchester and will be (hopefully) a breathe of much needed through ball passing and creation as we had too much of Taylor single handedly trying to squeeze through a wall of stripes! Mendez did well when he came on but we were defending too deep to suppot him! Orient I really hope will be the turning of the screw on our chances of winning the league – it’s another game to the lads but us fans see it as a cup final. UTP

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